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Peter “Human Periscope” Shepherd first met JJ through one of Seth Godin’s Facebook Livestreams Q and A, where Peter was a guest! He is currently the head coach at Seth Godin’s altMBA online workshop and operates his own business: Human Periscope. Pete has helped coach hundreds of leaders, collaborating with creatives and executives around the world helping them to become stronger leaders in their field, navigating challenges, launching ventures and inspiring change.

Pete’s Podcast:
The Long and The Short Of It

Human Periscope:

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Episodes with Peter^


#967 – Authenticity & Integrity With Pete Shepherd

Pete Shepherd joins us! We chat about problem solving, ambition and experiment, Pete’s goals, feeling melancholy, and mental health from COVID.


#885 – The Hirsute Guys

Pete Shepherd joins us for Weekend Banter to chat about hair and regrowth, the surprises of shopping online with Woolworths, why Jess doesn’t like baths, the admin of voting, Pete’s exciting announcement and what Georgie Boy has been up to.


#801 – Spending Sprees & Carnivals

Gem, Pete and Scooter Derek join us for Weekend Banter to chat about Scooter’s recent spending spree, Pete’s standing desk, what Gem’s been up to in iso, strippers and Vegas, carnivals and circus workers, and pronouncing words.


#771 – Peter Shepherd And The Email Blow Up

Peter Shepherd (AKA Tall Gronk) is back in the studio. We chat growing up with no pets, being naughty as a kid, using a whiteboard at the psychologist, getting organised in Notion and the big email blow up with Producer Jess.


#711 – Best Of 700 Episodes: Day 2

It’s Georgie Boy’s Highlights of the last 700 episodes: Day 2! We look back at some fond memories including the Aussie Bushfire Relief live show with Ryan Shelton, Mr. 97 bleaching his hair, our chat with Zoë Foster Blake and our three way Walkie Talkie experiment!


#684 – Exclusives With Peter Shepherd

We chat about what Pete’s up to, Tommy’s Heidelberg adventure, consumption, COVID couples, Zoom hacks and business in a time like this.


#650 – A Remote Announcement

We’re joined by some of our VIP Gronks to check in on the toilet paper situation, how everyone is going, some of our favourite sayings, and we have an announcement!


#638 – Going Remote With Peter Shepherd

We’re joined by tall gronk Peter Shepherd via Zoom to chat about the impact of COVID-19 on business and human behaviour, where to get your information from, and how long a roll of toilet paper lasts.


#616 – Collaboration With Peter Shepherd & Scooter Derek

Peter Shepherd and Scooter Derek join us for Weekend Banter to chat about the first The Long and The Short Of It Learning Lab, Zoom, Scooter Derek’s latest project, and effectively formulating your ideas.


#557 – Christmas With The Gronks

Merry Christmas Gronks! Queen Gronk, Tall Gronk and Scooter Derek join us to celebrate an amazing year!


#540 – Writing & Blind Spots With Peter Shepherd

Pete Shepherd joins us for Weekend Banter! We chat about the turn of the decade, social media, the power of writing, and we workshop Harry’s nickname.


#469 – Billy Carts, Siblings & Balanced Eating

It’s Weekend Banter and we’ve got Gemma Watts and Peter Shepherd with us. We chat about the AFL grand final, entering into a billy cart racing event, famous family members and disordered eating.


#448 – Moving To The Beach

Pete Shepherd and Tommy’s bro, Mikey are back for Weekend Banter! We chat about life coaching, Burning Man and their perfect days.


#433 – Salona On Swan Street

Today we’re live from Salona in Richmond. Inspired by over 50 years of family traditions, Salona serves organic, seasonal and local Greek food.

We’re also joined by Gemma Watts, Peter Shepherd and Scooter Derek to chat about the challenging process of buying footy tickets, Greek culture in Melbourne and what’s the deal with lamb souvlaki in Greece.


#406 – Belonging

Pete Shepherd joins us for Weekend Banter! We talk about visualising the future, some of the barriers that prevent us from starting, being apart of a sub culture, and things we know we should be doing but aren’t.


#385 – Our First Weekend Banter With The Gronks

Happy Saturday! Welcome to our first Weekend Banter, we’re so excited! We’ve got two of the best gronks around, Gemma Watts and Peter Shepherd, joining us. We loved recording the episode, so we hope you enjoy!


#324 – Citizen’s Arrest With Peter Shepherd

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we’re joined by our mate, and official friend of the show Peter Shepherd. Pete is a coach, presenter and collaborator who is currently a head coach at Seth Godin’s AltMBA.

We discuss:

– Friends of the show
– Our Fat Fridays order
– Pete’s phone anxiety
– The empowering choices we have
– Citizen’s arrest
– Pete’s upcoming holiday
– Josh’s Easter dilemma


#276 – Periscope Pete, Josh’s Walking Coach

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we’re joined by our mate Peter Shepherd. Peter aka Human Periscope is a coach, presenter and collaborator who is currently a head coach at AltMBA.

We discuss:
– Being Josh’s walking partner
– What is coaching?
– Josh’s future profession
– The pursuit of hobbies
– The convergence of work and passion
– Announcements and promises
– Pete’s experience with social media
– The balance between overthinking and improving
– Creating an environment for relatability and authenticity
– The learnings from Pete’s podcast, The Long and The Short Of It

#107 – Peter Shepherd and the quarter-life crisis

Peter Shepherd is a coach based in Melbourne. Josh first heard about Peter and his business, Human Periscope, when Seth Godin had Peter on his Facebook livestream q and a. We chat about doing the AltMBA program, changing your personal brand, going through a quarter life crisis and the difference of a cheap coffee. Seth Godin describes Peter as “…the real deal, the sort of person you’d want to be in the boat if you were going on a long swim in uncharted waters…”