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Christian Hull. What a character! Our mate Christian is an Aussie YouTube star, best recognized for his videos of comedic characters and sketch comedy. He even has his own podcast, Complete Drivel.

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Episodes with Christian^


#724 – Christian Hull – 24 Hour Live Stream

Christian Hull is back! Who better to have on at 1am?

We chat about living in Brisbane, Christian on TikTok conspiracy theories and the US election.


#269 – In The Sauna With Christian Hull

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

– Our Maccas order for Fat Fridays
– Christian’s medical advice
– Sleeping in the heat
– Christian nearly buying a house
– Influencers, sponsorships and monetisation
– Sauna, spas and holes
– Grindr and superfans
– Crystals and coins
– Trolls
– Christian’s 2019 tour

#144 – Christian Hull and people-pleasing

Our mate Christian Hull has turned wearing a wig and having fun into a solid career. His raw, funny and relatable videos have garnered millions of views on Facebook, and his loyal following — of over 500,000 people on Facebook alone — have seen his podcast, Complete Drivel, constantly appear near the top of the iTunes podcast charts. On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show, we talk about death, weight, money, negative comments, people-pleasing and more!