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Hamish Blake is an iconic Aussie comedian, actor and author living in Melbourne. Since 2003, him and his mate Andy Lee have been a part of the iconic comedic duo Hamish and Andy. 

From drive-time radio to performing on live TV, Hamish has been on TV screens all across Australia and the world.

As a fan of classic British comedy such as Monty Python and Blackadder, Hamish worshiped comedy. He dropped out of University from his Science/Commerce double degree when he met Andy Lee and the two ran off into the sunset together and haven’t looked back since.

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#100 – Hamish Blake on life

Episode 100 of The Daily Talk Show! This is massive for us. We celebrate with our mate and legend of Australian entertainment, Hamish Blake. We cover a lot of ground. Too many things to put in the show notes, sorry!