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Hamish Blake is an iconic Aussie comedian, actor and author living in Melbourne. Since 2003, him and his mate Andy Lee have been a part of the iconic comedic duo Hamish and Andy. 

From drive-time radio to performing on live TV, Hamish has been on TV screens all across Australia and the world.

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Episodes with Hamish^


#884 – Hamish Blake Co-Hosts The Podcast

Hamish Blake joins us as a co-host of the podcast! We chat about being an Australian Tourism Ambassador, The Remembering Project and going back into the archives of Hamish & Andy, checking in with your team, empathy in business, fun and fulfilment, looking forward and being optimistic, and podcasting tips.


#715 – Pete Murray & Hamish Blake – 24 Hour Live Stream

Pete Murray is an icon of Australian music who has had 3 albums reach number 1 on the ARIA charts and was generous enough to play a live acoustic version of his song “Opportunity” to a few Gronks on the Internet!

This was definitely a highlight of the 24 Hour Live Stream and a moment we’ll remember forever! We also chat about drawing penises on the Green Room wall, playing at smaller venues, and dealing with criticism.

We’re then joined by Hamish Blake who needs no introduction. We chat about the misunderstanding between Josh and Hamish when booking a time, home schooling, and how to stay present!


#710 – Best Of 700 Episodes: Day 1

It’s Georgie Boy’s Highlights of the last 700 episodes: Day 1! We look back at some fond memories including our New York trip to meet Seth Godin, starting our production company BIG MEDIA COMPANY, 3D-Dyl’s announcement, and milestone episode 100 with Hamish Blake.


#622 – Hamish Blake On Parenting & Listening To Your Internal Dialogue

Hamish Blake is back on the show! We chat about some of the learnings from being a parent, legacy and building stories, working in teams, and listening to your internal dialogue.


#100 – Hamish Blake on life

Episode 100 of The Daily Talk Show! This is massive for us. We celebrate with our mate and legend of Australian entertainment, Hamish Blake. We cover a lot of ground. Too many things to put in the show notes, sorry!