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#457 – Richard Wilkins On Fatherhood & Pioneering Television

Richard Wilkins – Australian entertainment and media great

Richard Wilkins has spent more than three decades at the forefront of Australian media and entertainment. His incredible talent and years of experience has led him to become Australia’s most respected and accomplished TV presenter, radio presenter, and entertainment reporter, interviewing stars from around the world.

Richard pioneered Australian TV, becoming a household name hosting MTV Australia, the Sydney New Year’s Eve telecast for almost 10 years consecutively, The Academy Awards, The Golden Globe Awards, the Today Show and also breaking Australia’s biggest entertainment stories and announcements.

Richard has also been made a Member of the Order of Australia for his significant service to the community and the entertainment industry.

Alongside having an incredible career, Richard is an amazing father and an unbelievably generous person.

Who’s Got The Bigger Feet

We’ve finally got the verdict on who’s got the biggest feet! After comparing foot sizes on episode #431 from The Deck in Geelong, we thought... Read More

Limited Edition Hoodies

A few weeks ago we decided we’d do a limited edition The Daily Talk Show hoodie. We’ve had them screen printed, they’ve been picked up... Read More

Fat Fridays

Fat Fridays was born at a Donut King in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. It was November 2018 — a Friday — and after a long day on a client shoot, the boys decided to get some extra energy with a couple of treats to record the podcast. Fat Fridays is an excuse every week to eat something delicious and share the experience on the podcast.

Whether it be food from our childhood, or our favourite pizza in Melbourne, Fat Fridays always delivers something tasty! Check out the Fat Fridays menu to see what we’ve had so far and send us an email with your suggestions!

Check out our Fat Friday’s Menu!


#447 – I know Taekwondo

Today we’re live from our favourite cafe, Au79! We chat about PJ’s fight last night against Tayla Harris, our Fat Fridays order, and how to hold your burger properly.


#454 – Andy Lee On The Business Of Doing What You Love

Andy Lee – Australian entertainment legend

Andy Lee is one half of the iconic comedy duo Hamish & Andy, the most successful drivetime radio show in Australian history. Andy has helped shaped the Australian media landscape through his inspiring positivity, work ethic and creativity.

Their successful format continues with their weekly podcast, Hamish & Andy Podcast.

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Great show, like listening to 2 mates... except I don’t have a mate who regularly shares stories of his time in Shepparton doing Breakfast radio, so it really rounds out the gaps in my social group. Also for some reason I think they would have a great chat with Miguel the chef, no idea why but have always thought this.
BigCroggaDogga - Apple Podcasts
I found you guys last year through Harps podcast and ever since I have listened daily to and from work. Love listening to the variety of topics, the sarcasm, the banter and the vibe, keep Fat Friday alive ...A great choice with 3D Dyl.... and let’s hear more about Mason and his love lifeKeep doing what you’re doing ... The best poddy everKeep it up 💚
Freckles 2706 - Apple Podcasts

Weekend Banter

Every weekend we get loose with our favourite gronks. Saturday and Sunday.


#455 – Release The Sounds With Jack Post & Radio Mike

We’ve got Jack Post and Radio Mike on for Weekend Banter! Jack & Radio Mike have teamed up in their new band, Release The Sounds. We chat about how they came up with the band name, writing and recording the album, and we get a performance live from the studio!


#456 – Live From Sydney

We’re live from Sydney for Weekend Banter! We chat about security details and bodyguards, getting your pilot’s licence and what your perfect house would look like.



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