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#586 – Brent Valle On Loving Unconditionally

Brent Valle is a speaker and entrepreneur known for starting award-winning technology company NGage and The Future Phase.

Brent started NGage Technology with his close friend Jarrod Bloomfield, growing it to a $27 million dollar business. After suffering a snowboarding incident in New Zealand, Brent sold NGage and started The Future Phase, which provides adrenaline-packed Business adventure workshops that help provide momentum for people to take their life to the next level.

Talking Sex – The Generation Intervention With Mr. 97

Have you wondered about Mr. 97’s sex life — no? Well, we have. His generation are having less sex than their parents did. To sort... Read More

Celebrating Episode 500 With The Gronksquad

Thanks to all of you Gronks for celebrating episode 500 with us! We couldn’t do it without you. Here are a few highlights from the... Read More

Fat Fridays

Fat Fridays was born at a Donut King in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. It was November 2018 — a Friday — and after a long day on a client shoot, the boys decided to get some extra energy with a couple of treats to record the podcast. Fat Fridays is an excuse every week to eat something delicious and share the experience on the podcast.

Whether it be food from our childhood, or our favourite pizza in Melbourne, Fat Fridays always delivers something tasty! Check out the Fat Fridays menu to see what we’ve had so far and send us an email with your suggestions!

Check out our Fat Friday’s Menu!


#433 – Salona On Swan Street

Today we’re live from Salona in Richmond. Inspired by over 50 years of family traditions, Salona serves organic, seasonal and local Greek food.

We’re also joined by Gemma Watts, Peter Shepherd and Scooter Derek to chat about the challenging process of buying footy tickets, Greek culture in Melbourne and what’s the deal with lamb souvlaki in Greece.


#489 – The Cloacal Kiss

Fat Fridays is here! We chat about our Fat Fridays order, rules of a vegetarian, and how chickens mate.

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The daily talk show is quite easily one of the best podcasts out of Australia. Tommy, Josh & Mr 97 are having epic conversations every day of the week and genuinely make me laugh throughout their entire show. Well done guys, keep up the great work!
Shannon - Apple Podcasts
This podcast is so easy to listen to the boy’s banter is easy to relate to and is bound to make you laugh. They instantly make you feel part of the Gronk Squad. They are going to become one of your regular podcast listens. So happy I got introduced to them. Keep up the great work boys! Xo
HEE93 - Apple Podcasts

Weekend Banter

Every weekend we get loose with our favourite gronks. Saturday and Sunday.


#469 – Billy Carts, Siblings & Balanced Eating

It’s Weekend Banter and we’ve got Gemma Watts and Peter Shepherd with us. We chat about the AFL grand final, entering into a billy cart racing event, famous family members and disordered eating.


#512 – The D’Avella Drive Thru Wedding

Matt D’Avella and Nat Pidding join us on today’s episode! We chat about getting married, breathwork, supporting each other, and our experience with edibles.



An Australian talk show and daily podcast by Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen. Released seven days a week, The Daily Talk Show combines the best podcast guests with deep conversations and quality banter!

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