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We’re Just Getting Started

The Daily Talk Show celebrates 400 episodes of the podcast. In 18 months, our friendship has developed on the show with over 290 hours of... Read More

Dyl’s Thumb

June 14th started like any other Friday.  I slept in as late as possible before heading off to work, wishing for Saturday to come.  In... Read More

Fat Fridays

Fat Fridays was born at a Donut King in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. It was November 2018 — a Friday — and after a long day on a client shoot, the boys decided to get some extra energy with a couple of treats to record the podcast. Fat Fridays is an excuse every week to eat something delicious and share the experience on the podcast.

Whether it be food from our childhood, or our favourite pizza in Melbourne, Fat Fridays always delivers something tasty! Check out the Fat Fridays menu to see what we’ve had so far and send us an email with your suggestions!

Check out our Fat Friday’s Menu!


#379 – Spicy Chicken Roulette

It’s Fat Fridays and we’ve got a spicy chicken roulette. Josh tells us about the new book he’s bought, we get a few more video messages, and Tommy comes up with a cracker idea!


#294 – Tommy’s Been Exploited

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

– Our Fat Fridays sugar meltdown
– The new face of consent with Ryan Jon
– Who owns the content you make when you’re an employee
– Ryan’s new internship
– Working for free
– A squeegee cult update

Podcast Reviews

Daily dose of banter that gets my through my morning commute and late night emails. Consistently funny and great chemistry
Genevieve Day - Apple Podcasts
I love a pod where the conversation can go anywhere and it becomes open and honest, I'm glad I subscribe coz this podcast has plenty of it! Nothing original in this review but doesn't mean I don't mean it, heart ya gronks x
Alexcat66 - Apple Podcasts

Weekend Banter

Every weekend we get loose with our favourite gronks. Saturday and Sunday.


#392 – Scooter Derek Panning For Gold

Weekend Banter returns with Scooter Derek! We talk about guilty pleasures, Scooter Derek’s obsession with Big Brother and Mr. 97’s colour blindness.


#393 – Buffet vs All You Can Eat

It’s Weekend Banter and we’ve got the whole team together. We talk about why the weekend is Saturday and Sunday, uncomfortable situations, and we answer a few questions from you gronks!



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