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Hayden Dib/

Hayden is one of our fellow filmmaking gronks! Hayden got The Daily Talk Show tattoo on his arm for episode 500!

Hayden on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/haydendib

Episodes with Hayden ^


#674 – Three Strikes

We chat about 97’s pushback, what’s annoying about Tommy and Mr. 97, what 3D-Dyl has been up to, and how everyone is feeling.


#650 – A Remote Announcement

We’re joined by some of our VIP Gronks to check in on the toilet paper situation, how everyone is going, some of our favourite sayings, and we have an announcement!


#566 – Hot Ones With Hayden Dib

Gronk Hayden Dib joins us for Fat Fridays! We test Dominos’ new vegan pizza with a topping of hot sauce.