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Gemma Watts is the official “Queen Gronk of the Show”! She’s also a Melbourne based copywriter, who has built up quite the reputation within the beauty industry, writing for many of Australia’s biggest beauty brands. Since 2012 Gem has been a part of Australia’s media landscape, working as a journalist, photographer and MC. In 2016, Gemma launched glowjournal.com, her very own beauty editorial platform!

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Episodes with Gemma^


#582 – DJ G Watt

Queen Gronk Gemma Watts joins us for Weekend Banter to chat about Gemma’s recent PR headache, The Royals, time management and tech advances in the beauty space.


#557 – Christmas With The Gronks

Merry Christmas Gronks! Queen Gronk, Tall Gronk and Scooter Derek join us to celebrate an amazing year!


#555 – The Koonung Creek With Queen Gronk

We’re live from the Koonung Creek with Queen Gronk! We chat about Gemma’s quirks, buying a house, and what’s in store for 2020 for Gem!


#539 – Surprising Work Experience Harry

We thought we’d surprise Harry with a special appearance from his favourite guest, the one and only Queen Gronk. We chat about chores, Spotify’s 2019 Wrapped, gauging your clout and Gemma’s gift guide.


#500 – Celebrating 500 Episodes (Live Show)

It’s episode 500! We’re celebrating the episode 500 milestone with you gronks at a live show. We chat about a few confessions of a Gronk, how Mr. 97 went with MCing with Gemma, the testosterone test results, Hayden Dib’s tattoo, and The Daily Talk Show raffle!


#498 – Co-MC Gemma Watts

Gemma Watts is back for Weekend Banter! We chat about episode 500 duties, outfits, bumping into people at shoppo, getting rid of Apple Podcast reviews, and Uber drivers.


#469 – Billy Carts, Siblings & Balanced Eating

It’s Weekend Banter and we’ve got Gemma Watts and Peter Shepherd with us. We chat about the AFL grand final, entering into a billy cart racing event, famous family members and disordered eating.


#433 – Salona On Swan Street

Today we’re live from Salona in Richmond. Inspired by over 50 years of family traditions, Salona serves organic, seasonal and local Greek food.

We’re also joined by Gemma Watts, Peter Shepherd and Scooter Derek to chat about the challenging process of buying footy tickets, Greek culture in Melbourne and what’s the deal with lamb souvlaki in Greece.


#413 – The Bleaching

It’s happening! After getting a haircut at Kings Domain Barber Shop, we headed across the road to the Joey Scandizzo Salon where Australia’s best colourist, Rachel Vitullo, and Queen Gronk, Gemma Watts join us live to run us through how Mr. 97’s hair will be bleached.


#385 – Our First Weekend Banter With The Gronks

Happy Saturday! Welcome to our first Weekend Banter, we’re so excited! We’ve got two of the best gronks around, Gemma Watts and Peter Shepherd, joining us. We loved recording the episode, so we hope you enjoy!


#354 – MECCALAND & Testosterone With Gemma Watts

It’s Fat Fridays and we’re joined by our mate, and now official friend of the show, Gemma Watts. Gem has just got back from dishing out beauty tips and leading panel discussions at this year’s MECCALAND. She also sat down with industry experts to chat about the business of beauty on her podcast, Glow Journal. We dig into Hey Tiger’s new line of ethical chocolate, ‘The Breakfast Range’, cover what MECCALAND was like, Gemma’s child star career and what an official friend of the show entails.


#274 – Gemma’s Not A Munter

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we’re joined by our mate Gemma Watts. Gemma is a Melbourne based copywriter, podcaster and content creator.

We discuss:

– A nostalgic Fat Fridays snack surprise
– A bug in Josh’s code
– The problem with psychologists
– Thinking before you speak
– The illusions of social media
– Keeping up with pop culture
– Spray tans
– Get Hairy February
– Gemma’s ambitious New Year Resolutions
– Crossing the lines with pranks
– Sobriety

#215 – Gemma Watts And Her Empire

Gemma Watts is a Melbourne based copywriter who’s built a name for herself writing for Australia’s biggest beauty brands. Gem has used her extensive knowledge in beauty to power her loyal social media audience; managing to have the best of both worlds — a trusted personal brand and a flourishing client list.

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show, Gem talks about her yearly stint at the Logies, the awkwardness of quitting a job, freelance life, plastic surgery, body image and using public transport as her main way to get around.