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Genevieve Day/

Gen is the founder of one of Australia’s first digital talent agencies! Day Management uses a tailored approach to talent management, representing top tier digital influencers and media personalities. Gen started her career as an intern at a PR firm before moving up to Security Account Manager.

In 2012, Gen launched Day Management when she saw a gap in the market as companies began to focus on social media for campaigns. There were few options for talent influencers to connect with larger companies, so she jumped on the opportunity and has grown Day Management into a successful digital talent agency.

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#322 – Rigid And Jazzy With Genevieve Day

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we’re joined by Genevieve Day. Gen founded one of Australia‚Äôs first digital talent agencies, Day Management, which connects influential talent with like-minded brands.

We discuss:

– The early days of influencer marketing
– Talent worth
– Influencers and authoritative figures
– Brand awareness and ROI
– Taking talent under your wing
– Building beyond social media
– Rebranding
– Selling out
– What’s next for Gen