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#1004 – Chicken Foot

We chat about Scott Galloway’s tweet, bongs, our asthma themed Fat Fridays and Jess’s chicken foot prank! On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show,... Read More

#988 – Silly Good Vanilla Slice

We chat about the worlds best vanilla slice, career paths, looking back on our education, regretting the past and changing our perception. On today’s episode... Read More

#978 – The Fun Of Video Production

We chat about Matt D’Avella’s latest video about us, how online content is changing, our shoots over the years and filming in schools! On today’s... Read More

#973 – Georgie Boy Co-Hosts The Podcast

GB is filling in for Josh today! GB and TJ talk about shoe sizes, their Fat Fridays order, go through some old quotes, and supporting... Read More

#968 – Matt D’Avella Rates Australian Food

Matt D’Avella joins us for Fat Fridays! We get him to try some classic Australian food, chat about making videos for YouTube vs Netflix, how... Read More

#963 – Apple Subscription Nightmares

We chat getting charged twice for Apple subscriptions, Josh looking for a new music subscription, GB’s bacon & egg rolls and further thoughts on Facebook... Read More

#953 – Drill Rap Vs. Country Music

We hear about Josh’s love for Country Music, Tommy’s love for Drill Rap, and break down the lyrics of popular songs and cancelled artists! On... Read More

#948 – We Bought An Air Fryer

It’s Fat Fridays and we bought an Air Fryer! We chat about Josh getting soaked on the way to work, a crime spree in Bulleen,... Read More

#943 – Georgie Boy On The Barbecue

It’s our first Fat Fridays for 2021 and Georgie Boy is in charge of the barbecue! We chat about Tommy’s mate stealing lamb cutlets, Josh... Read More

#926 – Thinking About Death

Today we ponder on the thought of death and chat about Scott Morrison’s Instagram account. On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show, we discuss:... Read More

#765 – Deleted By Facebook

We chat about why TJ’s Facebook and Instagram account has been deleted, Eminem’s beard, our Fat Friday’s order, Basil’s t-shirt, and Georgie Boy’s Facebook page.... Read More

#751 – Fad Fridays

Happy Fat Fridays! Georgie Boy went on a mission to find us some treats that cater for JJ’s fad diet, we chat about getting coffee... Read More