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Eh! Gronks! 3D-Dyl here, hailing from Toronto up in the Great White Canadian North! In 2016, I went away to college in pursuit of my passion for Industrial Design and somehow in 2019 I ended up moving halfway across the world to Melbourne, Australia to work at BIG MEDIA COMPANY and The Daily Talk Show. I'm a simple guy who loves adventure. I do my best to make each day special and unique, soaking up as much life as I can, never wasting an opportunity to have fun. I also wrote a book called 'I'm Still Figuring It Out' coming to Amazon in August 2019!

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Dyl’s Thumb

June 14th started like any other Friday.  I slept in as late as possible before heading off to work, wishing for Saturday to come.  In... Read More

The Ultimate Podcasting Sign

THE SIGN! Oh God yes, the sign.  The infamous, “The Daily Talk Show” podcast sign was a HUGE step in solidifying our new visual identity.... Read More

Australia vs Canada: Coffee

Coffee’s the same everywhere, right? I love the vibe of a good cafe. I’m a sucker for good music, a chill atmosphere and great food.... Read More

Visual Identity of The Daily Talk Show

Evolving ‘The Daily Talk Show’ As The Daily Talk Show continues to grow and evolve, we are constantly trying to push the boundaries. Considering how... Read More