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Visual Identity of The Daily Talk Show

Evolving ‘The Daily Talk Show’

As The Daily Talk Show continues to grow and evolve, we are constantly trying to push the boundaries. Considering how we distinguish ourselves across the media landscape on platforms such as Instagram, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, our faces are everywhere! We’ve got pictures galore! It’s been a gradual process which allows for the brand to grow at a comfortable and manageable rate. We don’t feel rushed. We’re stoked! 

Yet to grow as a podcast, things need to change. Things need to evolve. That’s what we’re in the process of doing. As our visual and brand identity moves through its phases, we’re open and excited to see where it can go.

The Struggle of Visual Identity

Visual identity has been something that The Daily Talk Show has been tackling for a while. After transitioning into the video realm of podcasting, new challenges arose.  Focusing on aesthetics, colors and the visual appeal of one’s space was now on our plate. The pallet wall got a face-lift to! We moved on from our Easey Street studio to a new space in Abbotsford. Loscam’s obnoxious branding was replaced with a neutral selection of browns, blues and grays. 

When I arrived at The Daily Talk Show in May 2019, it was clear that the visual identity needed to be sorted out. And, done so quickly. As the Aussie’s would say, I began to ‘suss out’ a solution for The Daily Talk Show

Where to start?

Obviously, revamping the logo was the first step. As I’ve learned, designing a logo is never a simple process. It’s better to throw everything you have at a wall and see what sticks, rather than being meticulous and picky through the process. That’s where it all began. With Josh and Tommy’s vision of where the show could go, the new logo began to take form. It needed to be something perennial and forward thinking. A visual that we can reflect on in five years and still appreciate. 

Ideation, Iteration and Concepts

Most of the design came about organically, pushing and pulling on graphics and images. It’s a constant battle of seeing what works and what doesn’t. Hierarchy is crucial in any facet of design, but for The Daily Talk Show, it’s importance is paramount. Emphasizing the ‘DAILY’ element, is equally as important as the unique nature of our content.  The quirky, back and forth banter that you might overhear at a cafe has simply been recorded and plugged into your favourite podcast app. By capturing the pureness of what Tommy and Josh do, the TALK element to the logo was the perfect opportunity to add a splash of color and interest. 

The daily commitment of recording a podcast episode became the catalyst which has developed into a multi-dimensional community, the GRONKSQUAD! 

Throughout the iteration process, I drew on a range of unique logos and existing brand identities. From In-N-Out Burger to the New York Public Radio logo, there was a great deal of inspiration that has gone into the design. 

There’s always feelings of uncertainty, when working on something within the confines of a company and in our case, a daily podcast. As the designer, I constantly worried about what the audience and listeners would think. That hesitation can often hold us back from creating what we like and feeling truly happy with our production. But with confidence, we put it out!

And we love it!


Rock on, Dyl.



Eh! Gronks! 3D-Dyl here, hailing from Toronto up in the Great White Canadian North! In 2016, I went away to college in pursuit of my passion for Industrial Design and... 3D-Dyl

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