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Introducing Hump Day Replay – The Show About The Daily Talk Show

Hump Day Replay started out as a weekly benchmark on The Daily Talk Show where our editor Georgie Boy produced a short video that took a look back at the past week of The Daily Talk Show. Building out storylines and sketches, George reflected his perspective on his favourite parts of the show.

Now, Hump Day Replay is returning as a weekly podcast in a long form format. George takes a look back at the past week of shows and throwbacks from the back catalogue with special gronk guests!

You can find Hump Day Replay on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, your favourite podcast apps and on Instagram.

Here’s Georgie Boy’s first episode of Hump Day Replay with Jack Post, Mr. 97 and Grace!

George Martin

George 'GB' Martin is the host of Hump Day Replay, the show about The Daily Talk Show. George loves bringing a script to screenplay Sunday.

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