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Hamish & Ben’s Ultimate Cook-A-Long Cook-In – TJ Daily

Last night, thanks to Hamish and Ben, we ate like Kings and Queens. Ps what’s more annoying, the fact you didn’t get to taste this... Read More

Personal Trainer Josh – TJ Daily

What happened when I put Josh in charge of personal training the team…🏃‍♂️ 📢 Email us: hi@bigmediacompany.com.au Send us mail: PO BOX 400, Abbotsford VIC... Read More

A Dose Of Motivation from Craig Harper – TJ Daily

I messaged Craig Harper yesterday and asked if he could jump on a quick Zoom call. Little did he know I was scheming to bottle... Read More

Adventure Club Location Scouting – TJ Daily

Blowers, basketball, royal family delivery and a potential location for the next adventure club. Ticking more things off the to-do list in today’s video. Email... Read More

How To Cull Your T-shirts – TJ Daily

On today’s video, I actioned something that’s been on my to-do list for ages. I’ve stockpiled a huge amount of t-shirts over the years, and... Read More