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#927 – A Rage Phone Call

We chat about Josh’s rage call to the mechanics, enjoying chores, Tommy’s “blonde” moment according to Ben Fordham, and Aunty Donna’s Netflix show! On today’s... Read More

#900 – Mr. 97’s 21st Birthday!

We’re live from Edinburgh Gardens for Mr. 97’s 21st birthday! We play a highlights package from GB, share what we love about Mason, tear up... Read More

#808 – Chocolate Éclairs vs Profiteroles

We chat about Josh’s recent screen time, Apple Podcast reviews, KFC’s chicken supply, chocolate éclairs vs profiteroles and getting into coffee art. On today’s episode... Read More

#787 – Banned From The Olympics With Ryan Jon

Ryan Jon is back to chat about giving way on a freeway, failing a driver’s test, meeting Grace before any of us, a volleyball drug... Read More

#767 – Being Romantic

We chat about Grace arriving in Melbourne, early day relationships and having romantic moments. On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show, we discuss: –... Read More

#746 – Flirty At The Family Reunion

We chat about the Blairgowrie beach house, anniversaries in a relationship, George’s Gran nan, and what’s happening next week with our Megaphone Sponsorship. On today’s... Read More

#739 – Wills, Stacks & Consumption

We chat about doing 100 episodes remotely, Elon Musk’s old phone number, product stacks, debt and business models, content consumption and negativity. On today’s episode... Read More

#711 – Best Of 700 Episodes: Day 2

It’s Georgie Boy’s Highlights of the last 700 episodes: Day 2! We look back at some fond memories including the Aussie Bushfire Relief live show... Read More

#710 – Best Of 700 Episodes: Day 1

It’s Georgie Boy’s Highlights of the last 700 episodes: Day 1! We look back at some fond memories including our New York trip to meet... Read More

#652 – Houseparty, Isolation Hacks & Growing Potatoes

We chat about Mr 97’s ability to pick the worst photos, Tommy’s club takeover, growing potatoes, and our club updates! On today’s episode of The... Read More

#651 – See 10, Do 10

We chat about cleaning up the house, the difference between weekends and weekdays, challenges and nominations, and Josh’s new fitness challenge. On today’s episode of... Read More

#631 – Sneezes & Clean Toilets

We chat about Dodge’s fast metabolism, the Uber app for keeping toilets clean, feedback on our communal kitchenette, and Mr. 97’s annoying sneezes. On today’s... Read More