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Trevor Long is our favourite tech guru! When he’s not answering calls on The Daily Talk Show, he’s working as a technology commentator, broadcaster, speaker, content creator, presenter and MC! Clearly a busy guy, Trev turned his passion for tech into a career, providing commentary and opinions for all things tech all across Australia!

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#356 – Confessions & Premature Announcements

It’s Tuesday and Tommy’s got a big announcement surrounding our 360° recording for episode #360. Josh tells us about his latest Instagram stalk, and Mr. 97 and 3D-Dyl open up in our new segment, Confessions Of A Gronk.

#258 – Trev’s Las Vegas Gadgets

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show, our mate Trevor Long, tech commentator and fruit infused water naysayer, joins the show from the Consumer Electronic show in Vegas! We chat about what CES is, what Trev’s been eating, the latest TV technology, smart devices, getting off social media and robotic vacuum cleaners.

#173 – Apple announcements & strawberry infused water with Trevor Long

Our mate Trevor Long is live from California! He just attended the Apple announcement of their new iPhones and Apple Watch. He gives us an inside look at the workings of the day and we chat all things tech and infused water.

#072 – Mainstream media’s Trevor Long

Chatting with friend of the show Trevor Long, Australian tech commentator! How do you get an invite to Apple events and Trevor’s big black clock!