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Brad Blanks is the US entertainment correspondent for Hamish and Andy and is currently heard on CBS Radio in the US. Brad has done over 5000 red carpet interviews with celebrities and has been working in New York for 17 years.

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#941 – Brad Blanks Live From Washington DC

Brad Blanks joins us from Washington DC the evening before Biden’s Inauguration! We chat about the current vibe in America, Trump’s farewell party, what Brad’s children think of politics, and Brad takes us on a walk around the streets of DC!


#725 – Josh Piterman & Brad Blanks – 24 Hour Live Stream

Josh Pitterman and Brad Blanks are back! We chat to Josh about his role in The Phantom Of The Opera, how COVID-19 has impacted the arts and his phone call with Josh Frydenberg about artists in this time.

We’re then joined by Brad Blanks again! We reminisce about our New York trip in 2018, interviewing Seth Godin and have a look at one of his notepads of ideas!


#712 – Brad Blanks – 24 Hour Live Stream

Brad Blanks is back! We chat about Brad’s old radio stunts, what isolation has been like, stories from celebrity interviews, and his high energy!


#655 – Checking In With Brad Blanks

Brad Blanks is back and live from New York! We chat about what the feeling has been like recently in New York City, job security, how entertainment has been impacted, and the silver linings in a time like this.

#186 – Brad Blanks Makes Moments

Brad Blanks is an Aussie who has spent over 18 years in New York City interviewing some of the biggest celebrities in the world. He’s done it with a unique self-deprecating style, seeing him move his way up the red carpet position.

You may recognise him from Hamish & Andy’s radio show where he was their go-to celebrity reporter, or on one of the many radio stations he’s reported for, including his regular 101.1 WCBS New York radio gig.

Brad is a conversationalist and moment maker with an infectious energy. On today’s episode, we chat with him in a WeWork co-working space in NYC. Creating content beyond audio, ego, weigh-loss and what YouTubers and podcasters can learn from traditional media.