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Oscar Gordon used to work for KISS FM as a digital content producer for shows indlucing Kyle & Jackie O and Fifi and Jules. He quickly became well known in the media for what happened in his bedroom. Some gronk decided to build a solid brick wall, inches from his window, blocking any light!

Being a sucker for content, Oscar took the story to the streets and quickly gained a strong following around the challenges he was experiencing.

When he’s not figuring out different ways to get light into his bedroom, he’s traveling the world or working as the Australian Sales and Marketing Manager for Silverstar Mountain Resort in British Columbia, Canada!

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#328 – ACA’s Oscar Gordon

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we’re joined by Oscar Gordon. Oscar has spent years developing viral social content for some of radios’ biggest shows, including Kyle & Jackie O and Fifi and Jules. He now runs a production company with his best mate Sophie Monk (Lazy Susan Productions), and brings ideas to life with the SilverStar Mountain Resort.

We discuss:

– Oscar’s Mum’s side hustle
– The ACA appearance
– Blurred lines
– Managing to lose a car
– Viral video content
– Pitching creative at SilverStar Mountain Resort
– Oscar’s production company, Lazy Susan Productions
– Social media relationships
– The learnings from the people around you
– The tools we use and the content we create