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George Martin/

George, aka Georgie Boy, is our master editor. GB not only has a great dress sense for his shirts, but he loves a jacket as well.

GB’s mum runs the Book Room Collective in Byron.

George on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/georgieboymartin

Episodes with George "GB"^


#632 – The Club Wars

We chat about the best way to empty Tommy’s spa, what happens when the house you’re renting is put on the market to be sold, why we’re a little bit disappointed with the clubs, and becoming a VIP Gronk!


#631 – Sneezes & Clean Toilets

We chat about Dodge’s fast metabolism, the Uber app for keeping toilets clean, feedback on our communal kitchenette, and Mr. 97’s annoying sneezes.


#629 – Our Celebrity Crushes

Fellow Gronk Leah joins us with a surprise for Fat Friday’s. We chat about Doomsday preparations, our experience with edibles and our celebrity crushes!


#627 – B*tch Batching

We chat about Tommy’s first session with the psychologist, George’s moustache, why supermarkets are running out of stock, and we bring up some pressing kitchenette matters.


#620 – The TikTok Tick

We chat about why Harry is famous on TikTok, the smartest animals in the world, we get an update on our clubs, and we find out about George’s private Instagram account.