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Nate Swinefeld/

Nate is our good mate and co-founder of ICHPIG, a local Melbourne street wear brand. Starting out in his mother’s garage in 2010, Nate started ICHPIG with his younger brother at a young age.

Nate went to school for industrial design, just like 3D-Dyl! ICHPIG grew from a counter culture of devout youths and a relentless DIY work ethic, all thanks to Nate’s endless commitment to the brand.

He’s got experience in all aspects of the business from manufacturing, sales, web design, garment design, content creation. If you can name it, Nate’s probably done it!

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#321 – Made in Melbourne with Ichpig’s Nate Swinefeld

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we’re joined by Nate Swinefeld. Nate is the Co-Director of Ichpig, a streetwear brand designed and manufactured in Melbourne.

We discuss:

– Creating a brand that sticks
– Cutting out the middle man
– Customer experiences with a brand that cares
– The Westside
– Skating culture
– Personal development
– Entitlement and hard work
– Lean business structures
– What’s next for Ichpig