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Joshua Fields Millburn/

Joshua Fields Millburn is one half of The Minimalists duo along with his mate Ryan Nicodemus. He grew up working in the corporate world, earning a remarkable income but it all went south in 2009 when his mother died and his marriage ended. He discovered the concept of minimalist and never looked back.

In 2016 Josh and Ryan made the documentary Minimalism with our mate Matt D’Avella.

An introvert (INTJ), Josh is a great human and an avid tweeter, using the platform to write pithy musings and smart-ass remarks.

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#199 – Joshua Fields Millburn On Writing & Thinking

Joshua Fields Millburn is one half of The Minimalists — a blog, which he started with his best mate Ryan Nicodemus back in 2010 to share their new perspectives through the lens of minimalism.

They went on to create a popular Netflix documentary on the topic, toured extensively around the US and regularly inspire and educate through their books and their podcast, The Minimalists.

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show from The Minimalists’ studio in Hollywood, we chat about working in a partnership, how writing helps thinking, asking ‘would you be willing to?’, focusing on the craft and ditching the phone to better explore the world around you.