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Kim Lam/

Kim Lam is a good mate of ours and also to be referred too as Dr Kim Lam! She’s an illustrator with her own illustration site where she does drawings, notebook sketches and new art.

If she’s not doodling and sketching, she’s helping out furry little creatures as a veterinarian!

Kim’s Website:

Kim on Instagram:

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#273 – Vet, Illustrator, Spy Dr Kim Lam

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we’re joined by Dr Kim Lam. Kim is an illustrator who is currently on hiatus from her past-life as a veterinarian.

We discuss:

– Pet prerequisites
– Unconventional dog treats
– Bitcoin and anaesthetists
– Josh’s big entrepreneurial venture
– Kim’s ‘Small Pleasures’ challenge
– Tips for creative uncertainty
– Daydreaming of spies and PIs
– Privacy, iPads and illustrations
– Western noses
– Study hacks
– Consistency and routines