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Happy Harry/

Work Experience Harry reached out to us for some work experience instead of heading off to schoolies. Harry has spent time in theatre and production and has even featured on ABC’s Teenage Boss.

Episodes with Harry^


#742 – Back In Studio

We chat about our new studio setup, Georgie Boy’s Hump Day Replay, an email from Rod, and the term cuck.


#686 – Formal

We chat about basil’s pump up, home schooling, our gronk surprise, and the TDTS formal surprise.


#680 – Happy Birthday Harry

It’s Happy Harry’s birthday and he joins us from regional NSW! We chat about Harry’s birthday, his obsession with Channel Nine, ASMR, ducks and bites, and having a smut filter.


#643 – Virtual Drinks

We’re joined by a bunch of you gronks for virtual Friday night drinks! We chat about tonight’s virtual drinks, mental health during this time, Josh’s new acupuncture mat, and what we’re grateful for.


#642 – Exposure Therapy & Hair Growth

Happy joins us to chat about tomorrow’s drinks, exposure therapy, hair growth, his recent altercation with an elderly person, and we find out our dream person to be in isolation with.


#622 – Hamish Blake On Parenting & Listening To Your Internal Dialogue

Hamish Blake is back on the show! We chat about some of the learnings from being a parent, legacy and building stories, working in teams, and listening to your internal dialogue.


#620 – The TikTok Tick

We chat about why Harry is famous on TikTok, the smartest animals in the world, we get an update on our clubs, and we find out about George’s private Instagram account.


#593 – Happy Harry Is Back

Happy Harry is back! We chat about dinner at the Veneto Club, buying deodorant with sticky tape on the top, Harry’s broken glasses, and when your parents offload old stuff to you.


#540 – Writing & Blind Spots With Peter Shepherd

Pete Shepherd joins us for Weekend Banter! We chat about the turn of the decade, social media, the power of writing, and we workshop Harry’s nickname.


#539 – Surprising Work Experience Harry

We thought we’d surprise Harry with a special appearance from his favourite guest, the one and only Queen Gronk. We chat about chores, Spotify’s 2019 Wrapped, gauging your clout and Gemma’s gift guide.


#538 – The Gingerbread Castle

Today we’ve tasked Work Experience Harry with organising our Fat Fridays! We chat about advent calendars, Harry’s savings, and how much fun it has been having Harry here.


#537 – The Star Among Us

Today we chat about Work Experience Harry’s appearance on telly, price match policies, the first email you ever sent, and we figure out what to wear to an event at the National Gallery of Victoria.