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Radio Mike/

Mike is a producer on the Hamish & Andy Podcast and Panel operator at various shows, including Will Anderson’s, Wilosophy.

Along with his own podcast, 20th CENTURY BOY, Mike has recently joined forces with Jack Post, creating their new band, Release The Sounds.

Radio Mike on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/radio.mike/

Radio Mike’s podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/20th-century-boy/id1450137287

Episodes with Radio^


#711 – Best Of 700 Episodes: Day 2

It’s Georgie Boy’s Highlights of the last 700 episodes: Day 2! We look back at some fond memories including the Aussie Bushfire Relief live show with Ryan Shelton, Mr. 97 bleaching his hair, our chat with Zoë Foster Blake and our three way Walkie Talkie experiment!


#455 – Release The Sounds With Jack Post & Radio Mike

We’ve got Jack Post and Radio Mike on for Weekend Banter! Jack & Radio Mike have teamed up in their new band, Release The Sounds. We chat about how they came up with the band name, writing and recording the album, and we get a performance live from the studio!