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Laura Henshaw is the Co-Founder of Keep It Cleaner. She has always had a desire to inspire others to lead healthy lifestyles, which is why she started sharing her recipes online. She has helped build an incredible community with Keep It Cleaner with millions of followers world-wide.

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#719 – Laura Henshaw & Stephanie Miller (KIC) – 24 Hour Live Stream

Laura Henshaw and Steph Claire Smith have built an incredible community with their company Keep It Cleaner. It was created with a philosophy to empower women to be confident in their own skin, promoting self-love and sustainable healthy choices. Now, Keep It Cleaner has millions of followers world-wide, provides at home work-out routines & recipes and stocks over 100 products in Australian supermarkets.

We chat about why the girls started Keep It Cleaner, working in a duo, what they’ve learnt from each other, finding confidence within yourself and dealing with feedback!