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Our mate Dani Zeini knows his way around a good burger. He also knows that no one wants to have to wait for their food either. Dani is a burger pioneer here in Melbourne, perfecting the humble hamburger from his restaurant the Dandenong Pavilion.

He opened his very first original restaurant in early 2016, dropping almost a million bucks on a place which he dubbed Royal Stacks. 

Dani currently pumps out 3500 burgers a week out of three Royal Stack locations across Melbourne.

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Royal Stacks Website:

Episodes with Dani^

#234 – Dani Zeini & The Burger Business

Dani Zeini knows how to do hospitality right. He’s pioneered the burger movement in recent years in Melbourne, currently actively working on five restaurants in Melbourne alone: Three Royal Stacks venues, Grand Trailer Park Taverna and he’s a shareholder in Easey’s Burgers.

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show, we’re doing Fat Friday’s from Grand Trailer Park — one of his joints. We chat about how to have a successful partnership, expanding in to China, the McDonalds nostalgia and some good banter around the suburb of Dandenong.