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Michael Jackett/

Michael “Bali-Boy” Jackett is Tommy’s older bro and an avid Bali-Traveler. Michael has spent time working as a product designer for Orbea, managing businesses across Australia and kicking back in Bali during his leisure time.

Episodes with Michael^


#590 – Reframing Starting With Tommy’s Bro

We chat about starting, who’s it for and what’s it for, and reframing what you’re doing as an experiment.


#448 – Moving To The Beach

Pete Shepherd and Tommy’s bro, Mikey are back for Weekend Banter! We chat about life coaching, Burning Man and their perfect days.


#399 – Dolphin Farts With Tommy’s Bro

Mikey, Tommy’s bro, is on for Weekend Banter! We talk about family holidays, childhood memories and what it was like growing up with Tommy.