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Known to 99% of the world’s population as Bree. As the Marketing Director at Hey Tiger, Bree is an absolute master in the realm of sales and convincing people to purchase Hey Tiger chocolate. She’s also Josh’s travel companion and helps keep Josh’s head on top of his shoulders.

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Episodes with Breana^


#386 – Sunday With Our Better Halves

It’s Sunday and we’re joined by our better halves, Amy and Bree, for Weekend Banter! We chat about what we do in our sleep, our relationships and how they started! Bree and Amy have always been so supportive of what we do, so it’s really special to be able to record this episode with them both!

#187 – Travel tension in Central Park

Josh’s girlfriend, Bree, joins us on today’s episode in Central Park. Toilet banter, AirBNBs in NYC, travelling with friends, curb your dog, what Josh and Bree have learned travelling with each other for three months and creating habits so you’re doing your own washing!

#089 – Josh’s girlfriend and an Uber driver

Live from the McDonald’s carpark next to Melbourne Airport, we have special guest, Bree (Josh’s girlfriend) on the show.