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Craig Harper likes to keep shit real. While doing that, he’s also a motivational speaker, Tommy’s mate and a prolific leader, presenter and educator in areas of health, high-performance, self-management and personal transformation. He wrote his first book 20 Questions for Humans, and has his own podcast The You Project.

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#889 – Craig Harper On The Fitness Industry & Observing Thought

Craig Harper is back to chat about the fitness industry during COVID-19, how trainers and coaches can stand out, culture and leadership, empathising with truths and stories and observing thoughts.


#671 – Craig Harper On Situational Awareness

Craig Harper joins us to chat about how he’s adapted to everything that’s happening, how people are being impacted, situational awareness, pre-existing and taught beliefs, and the challenge of being unable to go to the gym.


#564 – Craig Harper On Happiness & Expectations

Craig Harper joins us for our first episode of 2020! We chat about how his Ph.D. is going, expectations, happiness and being aware of what you don’t know.


#388 – The First In Australia With Craig Harper

It’s Tuesday and we’re joined by our mate Craig Harper! We talk about what success means to us, how we work around a balanced lifestyle, and why having years of experience helps you in the long term.


#311 – Craig Harper’s Questions For Humans (LIVE SHOW)

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

– Craig’s dedication
– Self awareness
– Writing your own story
– Putting yourself in a place to grow and evolve
– Questions we should ask other people
– Changing your operating system
– Advice to Mr. 97
– Curve balls and perspective
– Ambition

#259 – Craig Harper On Psyllium Husk & Human Stuff

Our mate Craig Harper joins us on today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show.

We cover:

– How whiteboard lessons came about
– Craig’s focus on the human stuff
– When Josh bought a few thousand bucks worth of books
– Hobbies and side hustles
– The love for Adam Sandler’s latest Netflix comedy show
– Asking “What’s my life telling me?”
– Food issues and unhealthy habits
– Self management
– Craig’s take on New Years Resolutions
– Social media’s impact on Craig’s life
– Honouring the gratitude you have

#208 – Craig Harper & Your Internal Voice

Our mate Craig Harper is back on The Daily Talk Show! On today’s episode we talk about radio verses podcasting, surrounding yourself with great people, Ben the unicorn car salesman and listening to your internal voice.

#080 – Beyond motivation with Craig Harper

Craig Harper, you’ve heard us quote him on The Daily Talk Show; one of Tommy’s good mates and a well respected motivational speaker. Craig keeps shit real, celebrating episode 80 of The Daily Talk Show!

#005 – Tommy is sick and rules for success

This episode of The Daily Talk Show is a bit different. Tommy is sick today. I tried to force him to still do the podcast but he said he was vomiting and shivering too much. Lame. But I hope he gets better. Here’s a recording of Tommy with his mate Craig Harper talking about rules of success. Some solid advice and better than no episode.