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Mark “Maven” Ferguson is a local Melbourne YouTube legend. Starting his channel out as The Cycling Maven, Mark has traveled all across Europe photographing and vlogging The Grand Tours of cycling; Giro D’italia, Le Tour de France and La Vuelta a Epsana. Since retiring as The Cycling Maven, Mark has continued making YouTube vlogs and loving life!

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#232 – Talking Chang With Maven

Our mate Mark Ferguson is back on The Daily Talk Show. Formerly known as Cycling Maven, you can now just call him Maven. We had Mark on the show back on episode 139. Today’s episode of the show, we chat about moving away from cycling, building a niche, how much time we’re spending on our phones, mental health and the complexity of picking a therapist.

#139 – Cycling Maven – His next project

Mark Ferguson is the content creating cyclist also known as Cycling Maven. He’s done what a lot of creators only dream of — he quit his job to pursue being a YouTuber full time. Then, after giving it a crack, he decided to change things up again. Cycling, Veganism, Cross-Fit and Fatherhood – Mark has an interesting perspective on all of them. Live from a cafe!