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Chats On Other Podcasts

The podcasting community is really supportive. One of the great things about having a podcast is that it becomes a good excuse to chat to other podcasters — and even be a guest on their shows.

In Los Angeles, we were invited to be guests on our mate Matt D’Avella‘s podcast, The Ground Up Show. The long for conversation offers an early insight to our thought processes. We had only just decided to enter into business together with BIG MEDIA COMPANY. There was a lot of uncertainty, but with the confidence that we’ve always had that we’ll work it out.

Workshop podcast Podcast

Canadian podcaster, Ryan Freeman chat with Josh about doing a podcast daily.

The You Project Podcast

Friend of the show, Craig Harper, has us on his podcast The You Project, to chat about our new business BIG MEDIA COMPANY.

What Now, With Derek Podcast

Scooter Derek has Josh on his podcast, What Now With Derek!

Game Changers Podcast

Craig Bruce, one of the the radio industry’s leaders in content chat with Josh and Tommy for his radio podcast, Game Changers.

Hang On To Your Hat Podcast

Derek and Dan chat with Tommy Jackett on their father focussed podcast, Hang On To Your Hat!

Uncommon Podcast

Jordan Michaelides chats with Josh and Tommy on his podcast, Uncommon.

Josh Janssen

G’day! I’m Josh Janssen. I combine thinking and doing. Strategy and production. Ideas and execution. Over the past decade, I’ve worked towards understanding the creative process, where I fit in... Josh Janssen

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