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Ten Years Of The Daily Talk Show (Short Documentary)

Documentary filmmaker, YouTuber, fellow Gronk and mate, Matt D’Avella, recently featured us on his short documentary, The Three Year rule.

In the video, Matt talks about the importance of longer term commitments to succeed in creative, professional and personal goals.

We have committed to do The Daily Talk Show for ten years, which got Matt’s attention.

The video was filmed during our 2019 Los Angeles trip.

Why ten years?

Even though podcasting is 15 years old, the industry is still in its infancy. We believe to be a successful show, we need to provide our audience with a clear commitment to the long term.

How many podcast have you seen that start…and then slowly fade away. It’s actually got a name; Podfade.

Good things take time and we’re excited to grow with you all!

Watch more of Matt’s amazing short documentaries at his YouTube channel.

Josh Janssen

G’day! I’m Josh Janssen. I combine thinking and doing. Strategy and production. Ideas and execution. Over the past decade, I’ve worked towards understanding the creative process, where I fit in... Josh Janssen

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