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The Running Parachute

We all know it. Josh buys some pretty dumb things. From expensive to subscriptions to thousands of books, perhaps the dumbest was something he bought for his girlfriend Bree.

A running parachute.

Does the running parachute actually work? It’s been in the box ever since Josh picked it up, so with Ryan Jon visiting Melbourne, we thought we’d give it a go and test it for ourselves! Someone has to, right?

Mr. 97 was up for the challenge.

No one in living memory will ever forget the sight of 97 running down Easey Street in Ryan Jon’s flamboyant Gronk Jacket, with a running parachute billowing in his wake.

Mr 97

Hey guys! I'm a University drop-out and full-time producer of The Daily Talk Show. I got out of high school with an impressive 97 ATAR score, hence my infamous nickname.... Mr 97

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