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The Journey of 3D-Dyl

The saga of 3D-Dyl started all the way back in January 2019. Promptly after listening to an episode where Tommy and Josh went on a tangent about creating a cult out of squeegee key rings, Dyl wanted in. Who can say no to a squeegee key ring cult anyway?

Dylan is an Industrial Design student from Toronto, Canada, who also happens to be the owner of a 3D printer! The exact tool that Tommy and Josh would need to get their squeegee key ring cult underway.

After a few follow up emails and hearing nothing but silence from the boys at The Daily Talk Show, Dyl took it upon himself to start 3D printing squeegees and even offered to hand deliver them in Melbourne!

The whole story took a momentous turn when Dyl popped the question, asking if he could complete his four month internship for school with Tommy, Josh and Mr. 97 at their production company: Big Media Company.

In no time, Dyl had flights booked and was on his way to Melbourne!

Mr 97

Hey guys! I'm a University drop-out and full-time producer of The Daily Talk Show. I got out of high school with an impressive 97 ATAR score, hence my infamous nickname.... Mr 97

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