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Josh Piterman is the definition of a performer. He’s done work as a performing artist, musical theater and in the entertainment industry. The bloke has a fantastic voice and is an even better mate!

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#725 – Josh Piterman & Brad Blanks – 24 Hour Live Stream

Josh Pitterman and Brad Blanks are back! We chat to Josh about his role in The Phantom Of The Opera, how COVID-19 has impacted the arts and his phone call with Josh Frydenberg about artists in this time.

We’re then joined by Brad Blanks again! We reminisce about our New York trip in 2018, interviewing Seth Godin and have a look at one of his notepads of ideas!


#332 – Performer, Poet, Riddler Josh Piterman

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we’re joined by our mate Josh Piterman. Josh is a performing artist in musical theatre and entertainment. Josh is performing his first ever solo tour of Australia in June.

We discuss:

– Josh’s holiday life
– Josh’s performing career
– Performing artist management
– Giving advice to upcoming performers
– High pressure moments and mantras
– The Australian National Anthem
– Poems and their musical influence
– Gratitude journaling and meditation
– Josh’s upcoming national tour
– Understanding each other’s narrative

#188 – Josh Piterman Sings in Washington Square Park

We caught up with our mate Josh Piterman for a chat on a park bench in New York City’s famous Washington Square Park. Josh has just wrapped up performing in the Australian season of the Carol King musical, Beautiful, where he played the lead male role, Gerry Goffin.

We chat about the importance of mediation, making it in musical theatre, the audition process, ambition and even get him to belt out a tune live.