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Cacklin’ Jack has spent a fair amount of time in the radio business, working on Hamish & Andy. Starting his career at 15, he has gone on to win Presenter Of The Year in 2007, working in commercial radio joining SCA.

Since then, he’s taken on a new role as Sidekick on the Christian O’Connel Breakfast Show, and started a band called Release The Sounds.

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Episodes with Jack^


#1000 – Jack Post – 1000 Minute Live Stream

This week we’re celebrating the best bits from our 1000 minute live stream.


#892 – Four Fingers Or Five With Jack Post

Jack Post joins us to chat about his content idea, Four Fingers or Five, getting into sports, rebrands and his mullet, out of context quotes, and crypto and prepping.


#718 – Max Price & Jack Post – 24 Hour Live Stream

Max Price & Jack Post are back! We chat about the new season of Kinne Tonight, Max’s approach to directing, putting out more content in isolation, and Jack writes and performs a song in 20 minutes!


#711 – Best Of 700 Episodes: Day 2

It’s Georgie Boy’s Highlights of the last 700 episodes: Day 2! We look back at some fond memories including the Aussie Bushfire Relief live show with Ryan Shelton, Mr. 97 bleaching his hair, our chat with Zoë Foster Blake and our three way Walkie Talkie experiment!


#455 – Release The Sounds With Jack Post & Radio Mike

We’ve got Jack Post and Radio Mike on for Weekend Banter! Jack & Radio Mike have teamed up in their new band, Release The Sounds. We chat about how they came up with the band name, writing and recording the album, and we get a performance live from the studio!


#283 – The Milestone Player Jack Post

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we’re joined by our mate Jack Post. Cacklin’ Jack is the sidekick and producer on the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show, and works alongside Hamish and Andy on their podcast.

We discuss:

– Mushroom tea
– Jack’s first UFC match
– Wikipedia pages
– Bitcoin lessons
– Mr Ralph’s flights
– Caring less
– An update on Americanisms
– Early adopters
– Jack’s new band

#090 – Cacklin’ Jack Post’s new job with Christian O’Connell

Our mate Jack Post visits The Daily Talk Show! On Friday, he announced that he’ll be joining Christian O’Connell on The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show on Gold104 in Melbourne. We chat about radio and what Jack learnt spending 10 years working with Hamish and Andy.