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Crystal Andrews – Author, Journalist

Crystal is a journalist and the author of the book ‘How to Win Every Argument’, which breaks down 15 of the biggest topics in Australia, creating well-informed arguments on everything from climate change to festival pill testing, immigration, vaccinations and more.

Crystal on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crystal_jane/

Crystal’s website: https://www.zeefeed.com.au/

Episodes with Crystal^


#753 – Crystal Andrews On Building Zee Feed

Crystal Andrews is back to chat about her experience being on the show for the first time, building Zee Feed, restrictions trolls on social media, media publishers and social platforms, and Personalities, Politicians and leaders.


#707 – Crystal Andrews On Debates, Conspiracies & Media Consumption

Crystal Andrews is back to chat about the Vegemite and PB butter debate, 5G conspiracies, pushing back on those in power and with knowledge, news consumption and The Daily Talk Show Buzzfeed quiz.


#674 – Three Strikes

We chat about 97’s pushback, what’s annoying about Tommy and Mr. 97, what 3D-Dyl has been up to, and how everyone is feeling.


#643 – Virtual Drinks

We’re joined by a bunch of you gronks for virtual Friday night drinks! We chat about tonight’s virtual drinks, mental health during this time, Josh’s new acupuncture mat, and what we’re grateful for.