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Derek “Scooter” Myers is our good mate and an Easey Street icon! He owns and operates a dedicated podcasting and vlogging studio in Melbourne. His place ‘Castaway Studios’ offers everything for the beginner all the way to the dedicated podcaster, supporting all startup podcast efforts!

When Derek isn’t working on “Hang On To Your Hat” his own podcast about fatherhood, he owns the vintage Vespa workshop Scooterlabs!

Scooterlabs Website:

Castaway Studios:

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Episodes with Scooter Derek^


#557 – Christmas With The Gronks

Merry Christmas Gronks! Queen Gronk, Tall Gronk and Scooter Derek join us to celebrate an amazing year!


#532 – Pistons & Pokémon With Scooter Derek

Scooter Derek joins us for Weekend Banter! We chat about how Derek almost gave away his kid’s pokemon cards, Mr. 97’s super, why Scooter hates Harvey Norman and Logitech, and we learn about pistons and motors.


#481 – Crims and Creatives With Scooter Derek

Scooter Derek joins us on the show! We chat about our episode 500 live show, the strikes and protests Scooter Derek has gone to, and the lengths Derek went to get into OzPod 2019.


#433 – Salona On Swan Street

Today we’re live from Salona in Richmond. Inspired by over 50 years of family traditions, Salona serves organic, seasonal and local Greek food.

We’re also joined by Gemma Watts, Peter Shepherd and Scooter Derek to chat about the challenging process of buying footy tickets, Greek culture in Melbourne and what’s the deal with lamb souvlaki in Greece.


#427 – Beating The T&Cs

We’ve got the whole team on for Weekend Banter. We chat about 7-Eleven’s free KeepCup coffee, Scooter Derek and Josh’s food diary and Facebook’s new augmented reality tool.


#392 – Scooter Derek Panning For Gold

Weekend Banter returns with Scooter Derek! We talk about guilty pleasures, Scooter Derek’s obsession with Big Brother and Mr. 97’s colour blindness.


#314 – Scooter Derek, This Is Your Life

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we’re joined by our mate Derek Myers. Scooter Derek is an Easey Street icon, friend of the show and now is starting a yet to be released podcast on fatherhood called Hang On To Your Hat.

We discuss:

– Our Fat Friday’s order
– Derek’s job history
– Derek’s first business
– Derek’s trip to the UK
– School camps
– Dirty Derek
– The Johnston Street theory
– Derek’s podcast – Hang On To Your Hat


#284 – Our American Correspondent

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

– Mr. 97’s Fat Fridays surprise
– Data Privacy
– Scooter Derek’s new tech gear
– Valentine’s Day gifts
– Our first live call
– Erik’s Lipton Iced Tea requirement

#155 – A friendship situation with Derek Myers

After going on a Big Brother tangent on Friday, we thought we’d get our mate Derek back on the show. Derek was such a fan of the reality show that he’d fly up to Queensland each year to watch a live eviction with his mates.