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Ryan Jon used to work in Perth as a radio presenter on hit92.9. At a young age, he was adopted and has spent the last several years in search of his birth mother. Ryan also happens to be the owner of the official ‘Gronk Jacket’.

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Episodes with Ryan^


#787 – Banned From The Olympics With Ryan Jon

Ryan Jon is back to chat about giving way on a freeway, failing a driver’s test, meeting Grace before any of us, a volleyball drug test, and BMC management styles.


#701 – Marathons & Merch

We chat about a merch update with Scooter, Ryan Jon’s challenge, having a support crew, the COVIDSafe app, and which John you’d prefer to spend the night with.


#592 – Fans Not Listeners With Ryan Jon

Ryan Jon joins us to chat about nightclubs we went to when we were growing up, the Australian Podcast Ranker, chilling wine, and playing the game in commercial radio.


#541 – Diversifying Revenue With Ryan Jon

Ryan Jon is back! We chat about annual leave, job titles, diversifying our revenue, and Ryan’s advertising offer.


#441 – Freelancing, Business And Contracts With Ryan Jon

Ryan Jon is back for Weekend Banter! On his 8th appearance on the show, we chat about our experience with invoicing for freelance work, when to start charging, and ways to separate yourself as a beginner freelancer.


#402 – Six And Out With Ryan Jon

Ryan Jon joins us today! We talk about Tommy’s habit of using loudspeaker while on the phone, Ryan’s new idea for the show, and how to get fit for free.


#306 – Game Show Host Ryan Jon

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we’re joined by our mate Ryan Jon.

We discuss:

– What Ryan is doing down in Melbourne
– Negotiation power moves
– Frequent flyers and insider trading
– Ryan’s Business coaching
– The most annoying things about us
– Ryan’s radio plans
– Learnings from pitching
– Starting and figuring it out later
– Ryan’s volleyball career


#294 – Tommy’s Been Exploited

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:

– Our Fat Fridays sugar meltdown
– The new face of consent with Ryan Jon
– Who owns the content you make when you’re an employee
– Ryan’s new internship
– Working for free
– A squeegee cult update

#244 – Ryan Jon & The Ham Delivery!

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show, Ryan Jon visits us from Perth. We chat about why giving no advice is sometimes the best option, we visit Quad Lock to drop off the ham prize, putting up your hand to talk, what social media channel should we focus on, buying too many books and making podcasts independently.

#240 – Samantha’s Big Feat

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show, Samantha is all caught up, the bells on trams, gifts for wedding guests, gyros on Josh’s pants and Bree, Lynn and Ryan Jon join the show by phone.

#175 – Ryan Jon & what’s best for your child

Our mate Ryan Jon is in our office in Melbourne today, so we thought we’d get him back on the show! We chat raising money for charities, owning domain names, having a manager and where to spend your creative time.

#065 – Finding my birth mother | Ryan Jon

Ryan Jon popped in to Tommy’s studio today, so we decided to get him on The Daily Talk Show. He’s a radio host in Perth, Western Australia with a powerful story of a search to find his birth Mum.