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Stacey June is Tommy’s ex Co-Host on radio and an all-around legend! Referring to herself as Australia’s OG Podcast Queen, Stacey is also the founder of several successful brands such as The Thinkergirls and Single Pringle. 

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#319 – Checking-In With Stacey June

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we’re joined by our mate Stacey June. Stacey has recently opened a new chapter of her life by starting another podcast called The Stacey June Show.

We discuss:

– Our Fat Fridays order
– Porn addiction and sex life
– Consciously uncoupling
– Shared visions
– Alternative medicine and therapy
– Religion
– Delusions and reality
– Vulnerability and honesty
– Meditation
– The distinction between content and life

#153 – Tommy’s ex co-host & ThinkerGirl Stacey June

If you’ve listened to episode 50 of The Daily Talk Show, you’d have heard a lot of stories from Shepparton, where Tommy did regional radio with our guest today, Stacey June! Stacey has made a career out of sharing her most intimate stories to her tribe of loyal listeners. The ThinkerGirls, a podcast with her mate Kristie Mercer started off as a podcast, did a stint on radio, and is now back on the platform that it all started on. As well as the podcast, Stacey has travelled far and wide for her radio work, as well as regularly appearing on Aussie TV.