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Robert ‘Bobby’ Cappuccio is the co-founder of PTA Global and a leader within the coaching industry. Bobby has spent the last 2 decades focused on goal oriented training, health and fitness and working around behavior change.

Bobby discovered the marvel that is exercise and truly believes that it changed his life! He’s been sharing his discoveries over the past years as a world-renowned speaker, author and behavior change coach.

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#198 – Bobby Cappuccio Opting In To Life

Robert ‘Bobby’ Cappuccio has been working in the health and fitness industry for two decades. Having grown up In Brooklyn, New York, Bobby now lives in LA, helping companies and individuals create positive change through mindset shifts. He’s a coach, a keynote speaker and a unique thinker who’s had a fascinating life.

On today’s high energy episode of The Daily Talk Show, Bobby talks about trends vs fads, why switching to sweet potato fries might help weight loss, originating intentions, understanding motivations and what makes a good coach.