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Hailing from Queens, raised in Cincinnati and living in LA, Candice Thompson is a wild blend of comedy, writing and acting! She’s got an edgy and adorable factor that keeps people begging for more jokes, more laughs and an awesome time!

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#195 – Candice Thompson’s Unpaid Interns

Candice Thompson is a Los Angeles based comedian, writer, actor and podcaster. She’s a regular at The Comedy Store and Hollywood Improv and was recently featured on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show, Candice chats about what it’s like being a stand up comic in Los Angeles, the response from being a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience, celebrities getting stage time before they’ve earned it, how her podcast “The Struggle” has helped her as a comic and we explore the possibility of becoming her unpaid drivers.

Join us as we chat with Candice from our West Hollywood studio.. otherwise known as our Airbnb.