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Zara is the other half of Shameless Podcast, a journalist and partner in crime with Shameless co-host Michelle Andrews. Before becoming Shameless, Zara worked as a content producer at the Mamamia Women’s Network, writing politics, pop-culture, satire and everything in between.

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#438 – The Shameless Business Partnership With Michelle And Zara

Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald from the Shameless podcast are back!

Since we last caught up with Michelle and Zara, they’ve launched two new awesome podcasts, Love Etc and She’s On The Money. They’re also catching up and interviewing some amazing people through their In Conversation episodes every single week!

We chat about when to celebrate wins, switching off, being thoughtful in what you put out, and the learnings from In Conversations.


#309 – Shameless Podcast Success

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we’re joined by our mates Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews. Zara and Michelle host the Shameless podcast, the pop-culture podcast for smart women who love dumb stuff.

We discuss:

– Dealing with podcast feedback
– Zara’s bad habit
– Going from journalism to podcasting, the Shameless Podcast story
– A Fat Fridays surprise
– Social media
– Making mistakes
– Josh’s obsession with domain names
– What’s next for the Shameless podcast