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Luke Kidgell is an Aussie comedian, who’s also best mates with Lewis Spears. Luke is the proud owner of his own cult, which you can get into by visiting his website. He’s not afraid to make fun of VCAL kids, driving manual instead of automatic cars on his popular YouTube channel.

Luke has his own podcast to Memoirs Of A White Guy which is also available on his channel!

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Luke’s Podcast:
Memoirs Of A White Guy

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#390 – Luke Kidgell On Radio, Podcasting & Comedy

Luke Kidgell joins us on the podcast today! Luke is a stand-up comedian who has quickly become one of the biggest new wave entertainers after a sell out tour in 2018. Luke has his own podcast, ‘Memoirs of a white guy’, and has announced with Lewis Spears that the Luke and Lewis podcast will be making a come back.