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Mick Hall has been through it all. He’s been down some of the darkest roads that a human can go down. The challenges and struggles that this man has endured are incomprehensible. He spent time in prison, was addicted to heroin and he built a whole new life for himself, turning things around and pushing past resistance.

Mick is the proud founder of Dayhab, his own rehab center that focuses on helping people struggling with Australia’s complex addiction crisis.

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Episodes with Mick^

#134 – Mick Hall — Prison, Heroin and Rehab

Mick Hall has lived what can only be described as a colourful life; shaded with some of the darkest human experiences and struggles. From prison time to a heroin addiction, Mick has remarkably done what many others can’t — build a whole new life. He’s the founder of rehab centre, DayHab, helping Australian’s with the complexity of addiction.