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Episodes with Grace^


#900 – Mr. 97’s 21st Birthday!

We’re live from Edinburgh Gardens for Mr. 97’s 21st birthday! We play a highlights package from GB, share what we love about Mason, tear up a little bit and eat some hot salami!


#893 – Fat Feet & Spanx

We chat about being yelled at on the job, footy tipping, having wide feet, wearing Spanx and the AFL Grand Final.


#878 – I Get It

We chat about gronk moves in the toilet, parenthood, the problem with seagulls and magpies, Amazon recommendations for Grace, Grace’s biggest learnings since moving to Melbourne, PE and the beep test.


#722 – Amy, Bree, Grace & Gem – 24 Hour Live Stream

Midnight girl chat! Amy, Bree, Grace, and Gem take over the show for a chat about family, motherhood and friendships.


#696 – The Stitch-up

We chat about stitching up Mr. 97, Friday Night Drinks plus-ones, getting on Gemma’s Instagram feed, dating, and relationships on a public level.


#658 – A Field Day

We’re joined by Gronk Grace to chat about infectious diseases, doing our own haircuts at home, Sydney vs Melbourne, and Friday night drinks! We’ve also got an update on Tommy’s missing penis pump.