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Adam Densten/

Adam Densten – Physiotherapist, Podcaster & Gogglebox star

Adam is one half of Adam & Symon, a duo known for The Adam & Symon Show, which is a podcast and radio show on HIT’s The Sunday Experiment. Adam also appears alongside Symon on hit TV show, Gogglebox.

Adam on Instagram: http://instagram.com/adamdensten

The Adam & Symon Show: https://www.instagram.com/adamsymonshow/

Episodes with Adam^


#525 – Adam & Symon On Gogglebox, Subway & The Genius Bar

Adam Densten and Symon Lovett join us for Weekend Banter!

Adam & Symon are a duo known for their appearance on hit TV show Gogglebox, and their podcast The Adam & Symon Show.

We chat about auditioning for Gogglebox, Adam’s experience at Apple’s Genius Bar, and what happened to Symon’s car.