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Dillon Osborne, aka Dil Takes Photos is a Freelance Creative Director & Content Creator who is based in Belfast in Northern Ireland. Dil uses photo, video and graphic design to help brands, business and people create professional content.

Dil also has a podcast called the Over And Out Show where two mates record remotely from London and Belfast as an excuse to play with cameras and microphones.

Dil on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/diltakesphotos/

Over And Out Show: https://msha.ke/overandoutshow/

Episodes with Dillon^


#723 – Dyl & Dil – 24 Hour Live Stream

3D-Dyl joins us from Canada! We hear a reading from his book “I’m Still Figuring It Out”, get a thumb update and reminisce about his time in Australia! We’re then joined by Dil Takes Photos – a YouTuber, Podcaster and Photographer. We chat about his new daily podcast, his E-Golf client shoot debacle, and working in isolation!