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Rob Ward is a long time mate of ours here at The Daily Talk Show. He’s such a fan that he’s got his own The Daily Talk Show sticker on his car!

Rob is the director of Annex Products, a local Melbourne startup that focuses on implementing the best products and technology with an active lifestyle. If you ride a bike and love to bring your phone with you, odds are you’re using a Quad Lock, one of Rob’s products!

Rob and his team grew Quad Lock from $0 to a $9 Million business in just a few year!

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Episodes with Rob^

#106 – Rob Ward – Quad Lock and Episode 3 of Melbourne Geek

Our mate Rob Ward is the co-founder of Quad Lock, the most popular case for mounting your iPhone (and other smartphones) to your bike, car and more! What does it take to have a business partnership, the early days of the business and how becoming a Dad changes your perspective. We cover it all on today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show.