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Our buddy Eddy is an Aussie living in New York City. Eddy moved to New York in 2009 and was eager to make it in the hospitality industry. A few years after co-owning his first bar, he got a short-term role with a tequila company that put him onto working with Justin Timberlake’s 901 brand.

He now has his own restaurant Chinese Tuxedo, a modern Asian fusion restaurant nestled in Chinatown, Manhattan.

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#192 – Eddy “Chinese Tuxedo” Buckingham

Eddy Buckingham is an Aussie who moved to NYC to make his mark on the food scene. With his business partner, he’s created Chinese Tuxedo, a contemporary take on Chinese dining.

It’s attracted the attention of foodies across the city, as well as the who’s-who of the entertainment industry. Eddy’s understanding of China Town and passion for people and food resonates throughout the restaurant and our chat with him.

In this episode of The Daily Talk Show, we chat with Eddy about the complexities of opening a restaurant in New York City, tipping etiquette in the US, being Justin Timberlake’s Mixologist and what it takes to have a successful business partnership.