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Andrea Clarke has previously worked in Washington D.C as a news correspondent in war torn Middle East, acting as a humanitarian aid worker. She is recently the author of ‘Future Fit: How to stay relevant and competitive in the future of work.’ Andrea currently spends her time empowering individuals through CareerCEO and is an ambassador for Future Women.

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#348 – Pivots and Purpose With Andrea Clarke

It’s Thursday and we’re joined by the wonderful Andrea Clarke. Andrea previously worked in Washington D.C. as news correspondent and spent time in the war torn Middle East as a humanitarian aid worker. After being exposed to some extremely high pressure environments, Andrea now empowers individuals through CareerCEO – a leading communications training program supporting emerging leaders and top executives to communicate with authority. Andrea’s newly released book, ‘Future Fit: how to stay relevant and competitive in the future of work’ – which by the way is super captivating – delivers practical advice to keep up in intimidating workplace situations and dealing with the uncertainty that the future holds.