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Matt D’Avella is our good mate, a filmmaker, YouTuber and a podcaster with his own show, The Ground Up Show. He graduated college with $97, 500 in student debt and since then, has gone on to make the Netflix documentary Minimalism.

He has since grown his YouTube channel to over 2 Million subscribers, sharing content about minimalism, living an intentional life and the struggles of being a filmmaker.

Matt’s Podcast ‘The Ground Up Show’

Matt’s YouTube Channel:

Episodes with Matt^


#968 – Matt D’Avella Rates Australian Food

Matt D’Avella joins us for Fat Fridays! We get him to try some classic Australian food, chat about making videos for YouTube vs Netflix, how he deals with feedback, the importance of titles, his anxiety, and his love for the process.


#711 – Best Of 700 Episodes: Day 2

It’s Georgie Boy’s Highlights of the last 700 episodes: Day 2! We look back at some fond memories including the Aussie Bushfire Relief live show with Ryan Shelton, Mr. 97 bleaching his hair, our chat with Zoë Foster Blake and our three way Walkie Talkie experiment!


#667 – Dating Coach D’Avella

Matt D’Avella joins us to chat about what’s been happening recently in LA, how he’s keeping his biceps big in isolation, relationships, working from home and Matt’s dating advice.


#512 – The D’Avella Drive Thru Wedding

Matt D’Avella and Nat Pidding join us on today’s episode! We chat about getting married, breathwork, supporting each other, and our experience with edibles.


#509 – Matt D’Avella’s Rules For Filmmaking & Massages

Matt D’Avella joins us today! We chat about Matt’s rules for filmmaking, mental health and anxiety, and Matt’s massage incident.


#287 – The Art Of Being Dirty With Matt D’Avella

We discuss:

– Matt’s new documentary, The Other Side of Burnout
– Jason Zook (Wandering Aimfully) and hustle bros
– When to take your foot off the gas
– The next phase of The Ground Up Show
– Matt’s interesting day as a filmmaker
– Having multiple personas as a creator
– An update on Matt’s sunburn
– The Chipotle food diary

#248 – Start By Copying People

Our final day with Matt D’Avella in Sydney! On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show, we chat about replicating people’s creative work, listening to a podcast and feeling like an expert, improvised verses scripted filmmaking and Matt’s favourite video on his YouTube channel.


#247 – Around $97,500 In Debt

It’s Boxing Day here in Australia. On todays episode of The Daily Talk Show, Matt D’Avella joins us again in Sydney. We chat about jet lag when travelling, arvos verses avos, getting out of debt, busting your ass so you can slow down and creating entertaining self development videos.


#246 – A TickDick Christmas At Bondi

Merry Christmas, everyone! On todays episode of The Daily Talk Show, Matt D’Avella joins us once again! This time at Bondi Beach in Sydney! We chat about what him and his fiancé got each other for Christmas, bringing food in to Australia, the tick story you have to hear to believe, Bondi Rescue, swimming lessons, being a loose unit with drones, filming wedding videos and telling people how much you make.


#245 – Sydney Week With Matt D’Avella

On today’s Christmas Eve episode of The Daily Talk Show, we’re on the Sydney Harbour with our mate Matt D’Avella, who’s visiting from LA. We chat about high schools in the U.S, dealing with negative comments, leaving client work for YouTube, making money on Patreon, taking an equity option instead of getting paid directly for video work and building online courses.

#196 – Matt D’Avella On Building Audiences

Our mate Matt D’Avella is a documentary filmmaker behind the Netflix documentary Minimalism and the Invision documentary, Design Disruptors.

He’s now brought his creativity to YouTube, creating a successful YouTube channel with over 250,000 subscribers, and a weekly podcast called The Ground Up Show.

On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show from Matt’s apartment in West Hollywood, we chat about the difference of pointing the camera at yourself, the labels we’re known for, not consuming the type of content you’re creating, 8 months of doing stand up comedy, creating a Patreon profile and coffee in the US verses Australia.